6 reasons why Luang Prabang attracts a large number of tourists visiting each year


Luang Prabang looks like a “beautiful girl” of Laos with slow pace of life, hospitable people and beautiful landscape. Visiting Luang Prabang, there are a lot of exciting things to see and do, let’s discover with us!

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Morning market

Traveling to Luang Prabang, tourists will have the chance to immerse themself in a very peaceful life of locals at the morning market where is not noisy and crowded as the markets in the large city. Going to the market and enjoy the tranquility atmosphere is an interesting experience you should not miss.

Luang Prabang morning market (via LandLopers)

The market is located in a web of alleys off Sisavangvong Road – a main street of Luang Prabang. It often starts at 6am and ends at 9am. The special thing is that the market is very quiet, people speak so softly, loud enough for others to hear. All of products sold at the market are “home grow, home made”, mainly the daily cooking ingredients such as vegetables, chili peppers, shrimps, mushrooms, tomatoes,…

Ban Xang Khong Paper Making Village

Ban Xang Khong Paper Making Village is not far away from the city center so tourists can easily reach by bicycle, motorbike or tuk tuk. Visiting this paper making village, you will have the opportunity to see how to craftsman make paper and buy souvenirs made from the handmade paper to get back for friends or family.

Ban Xang Khong Village (via Fiveprime)

Luang Prabang Night Market

It would be a big mistake if refer to the morning market without mentioning the Luang Prabang Night Market. Unlike morning market, the night market is more bustling and noisy. Local cuisine is also the reason why the night market attracting a lot of tourists, especially grilled dishes. Lao grilled fish served with the unique sauce and a cup of Lao beer is a must-try dish while visiting this night market.

Kuang Si and Tad Sea Waterfall

Kuang Si and Tad Sea are two the most famous waterfalls in Luang Prabang (via Laosdaytour.com)

Featuring peaceful, majestic natural scenery and many exciting things to explore, Kuang Si and Tad Sea are two the most famous waterfalls in Luang Prabang. Kuang Si is more accessible, only 30 minutes from the city center by tuk tuk while Tad Sea falls is slightly more remote, about 45 minutes by tuk tuk. As a result, the Kuang Si Waterfall is often more crowded by day-trippers but if you want to spend more time in here, you also can stay overnight in a homestay, one of the best way to discover more about daily life of Laotian.

Tad Sea itself can be reached by boat or more interesting, you can book an elephant ride along the river. It’s also a great way to get up close and personal with a pachyderm and to learn more about the mahouts that care for them.

Watch sunset at Phousi Mountain

Phousi Mountain is the highest point as well as the best place to see sunset in Luang Prabang (via Dong Travel)

Phousi Mountain or Chomsy Hill is the highest point as well as the best place to see sunset in Luang Prabang. You have to go through over 300 steps to reach the mountain’s top and enjoy the amazing panoramic view of the city. There is also a beautiful temple in the top of Phousi Mountain. Remember to bring camera to take beautiful pictures to when coming back and looking at these pictures, you will never forget the wonderful experiences that you have had in this beautiful land.

Friendly people

The kind, gentle, honest people, they enjoy slow pace, peaceful life that is hard to find in anywhere else. Tourists will never forget the friendly smiles of people at Ban Xang Khong paper making village or the hospitality and honesty of the guy driving the tuk tuk. This is also the reason why Luang Prabang attracts more and more visitors.

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