Discover Vientiane at night – peaceful place of “The Land of a Million Elephants”


In recent years, Laos is a popular destination that chose by many visitors when they travel in Southeast Asia. Referring to Laos tourism, we cannot ignore Vientiane – the peaceful capital of Laos with a lot of stunning natural sites, historical monuments and architectural works. Exploring Vientiane at night is one of the most interesting activities you should try in Laos so let’s find out with us.

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Vientiane – tranquil capital of Laos

No hustle and noisy like other capitals, the pace of life in Vientiane is slow that brings comfortable and relaxed feelings for visitors. Vientiane does not feature a magnificent beauty but very gentle, charming like the beauty of a village girl. There are no large commercial centers, modern amusement parks and bustling streets but Vientiane has many ancient temples hundreds of years old such as Vat Ho Pra Keo, That Luang, etc. These temples are the symbol of Laos culture as well as the place played an important roles in the area of religious beliefs and people’s social life. The best way to discover Vientiane nightlife is strolling around the downtown, enjoy the fresh air, feel the peaceful life of local people until a place calls your name.

No hustle and noisy like other capitals, the pace of life in Vientiane is slow that brings comfortable and relaxed feelings for visitors (via Indochina Legend Travel)

The beauty of Vientiane at night

Vientiane night market

Night market is the most attractive destination in Vientiane at night. The market is located along Mekong River bringing the vibrant nightlife to the capital. It has just rebuilt with new roads that make it more modern and busier. Vientiane night market offers a lot of stalls with plenty of products for you to look at and shop like clothes, souvenirs, handicrafts and food.

Enjoy grilled food on SinBuaHuong Street

SinBuaHuong Street is favorite site to enjoy grilled food of many visitors because of its affordable price and delicious food (via Lonely Planet)

Approximately 4km far from south of Vientiane night market, SinBuaHuong Street is famous for its delicious barbeque food. There are many barbecue restaurants in Vientiane but visitors often choose this street because of its affordable price and high quality food.

Grill is the most popular way of cooking in Laos, most of Laos dishes are baked before serving. Grilled fish, shrimp, pork,… served with vermicelli, raw vegetables and dipping sauce and a Laos beer are enough for Lao people to gather and chat all night. You also can order other Lao specialties and night snacks.

The dams along the Mekong River

This is a place attracting a lot of Lao people and tourists when visiting Vientiane. Laos is a tropical country without sea so it is very hot in the summer. Therefore, walking on the dams and breathing the cool air is great thing to do in here. This is also a popular site to enjoy nightlife of Laotians. Taking a stroll and drinking a Lao beer is one of unforgettable experiences you should try in Laos. Walking along the dams, you also can see Xuphanuvong monument – a collaborative work between Laos and Korean.

Taking a stroll on the dams and drinking Lao beer is an interesting thing to do in Vientiane at night (via Lonely Planet)

Go around by tuk tuk

Tuk tuk is the favorite means of transportation in Vientiane because of its convenience and non-pollution. In the evening, you can explore the shimmering and sparkling beauty of the capital city by hiring a tuk tuk. The driver will take you to the famous sites like Patuxay Monument, That Luang, etc.

Vientiane is a political, economic and cultural center of “The Land of Million Elephants”. The capital city also offers a lot of things to do so let’s carry your backpack up and go.

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