List of hotels offering good services and convenient location in Luang Prabang


You are planning to visit Luang Prabang and don’t know where to stay, here are some great suggestions for you. There are many good hotels in Luang Prabang so depending on your needs and your budget, you should think carefully before deciding to make a reservation.

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Mid-range hotels

Luang Prabang Legend Hotel (3,5-star)

  • Address: Noradech Road, Ban That Luang.
  • Price from 25,8USD
  • Guest ratings: 8,1/10 Very Good, “Excellent hotel in Luang Prabang”
Luang Prabang Legend Hotel (via

With an extremely convenient location in the city center, the Luang Prabang Legend Hotel offers a short distance to reach attractive destinations such as Wat Mai Temple, Ho Xiang Temple or Manolom, etc. You only have to pay about 26USD for a night in this beautiful 3,5-star hotel. With clean rooms, modern amenities, the hotel is a smart choice of visitors when traveling the ancient capital of Laos. The ideal location and friendly, enthusiastic staff are the advantages of this hotel.

Le Bel Air Boutique Resort (3,5-star)

  • Address: 1 Old Bridge, Nam Khan River
  • Price from 39,79USD
  • Ratings: 8,6/10 Excellent “Best mid-range hotel in Luang Prabang”

With 21 bedrooms designed as the villas and furnished modern equipment, this hotel will satisfy even the most demanding guests. There is no 3,5-star hotel in Luang Prabang offering the nice space and good quality like Le Bel Air Boutique Resort. Here you can rent bicycles to cycle around the lake or discover the city.

Le Bel Air Boutique Resort (via Agoda)

Villa Sompong (3-star)

  • Address: Soukaseum Road, Ban Khili, Luang Prabang Old Quarter
  • Cheapest price: 26,91USD
  • Ratings: 8,3/10 Excellent “Best quality hotel in Luang Prabang”

Located in the Old Town, the Villa Somphong is one of perfect places to stay in Luang Prabang. Only 50m from the center, guests can easily access some popular attractions like Pak  Khan Temple, Wat Xieng Thong or Wat Sop Sickharam. Although it is known as a budget hotel in Luang Prabang, the Villa Sompong features high quality facilities and services like a luxury hotel. All 13 rooms are fully furnished with flat screen TV, wireless internet, non-smoking room, air conditioning,…

View Khemkhong Guesthouse (2-star)

View Khemkhong Guesthouse (via La Thailande et l’Asie)
  • Location: Mekong River Road, Riverfront, Luang Prabang
  • Room rates from 12,4USD
  • Guest ratings: 8,6/10 Very excellent “Best budget hotel in Luang Prabang”

Situated in the city center, only 5km from the airport, the View Khemkhong Guesthouse is a best budget hotel in Luang Prabang that attracts a lot of visitors each year. This 2-star hotel is equipped with modern amenities not only suitable for staying, relaxation but also for working. The other services such as photocopy, postal service, taxi,… are also available. Clean, neatly decorated rooms bring you feeling like you are at your house. The negative point of this hotel is that the room size is rather small but compared to the money you have to pay, this is nice hotel worth to stay in the ancient capital.

Luxury hotels

Victoria Xiengthong Palace (4-star)

Victoria Xiengthong Palace (via Premium Holiday Club)
  • Address: Ban Phone Heung, Luang Prabang Old Quarter
  • Cheapest price: 89,34USD
  • Customer ratings: 8,9/10 Very Good “Luxurious hotel featuring nice rooms in Luang Prabang”

This famous hotel is located in the Old Quarter, just few minutes to teach the renowned tourist attractions in the city like Wat Sop Sickharam, Wat Xieng Thong,… All of rooms in the hotel are equipped with modern facilities and a lot of convenient services like spa, hot tubs, massage, sauna,… bringing the most comfortable feeling for guests. Whatever you go to Luang Prabang for working or traveling, the Victoria Xiengthong Palace is also the best luxurious hotel to stay.

Belle Rive Boutique Hotel (4-star)

Belle Rive Boutique Hotel (via Agoda)

  • Location: 99 Baan Phonehueang, Riverfront
  • Room rates from 85,91USD
  • Guest ratings: 9,1/10 Very excellent “Luxury hotel, nice view in Luang Prabang”

Nestled in Riverfront, the Belle Rive Hotel is a great base to discover Luang Prabang. The most luxurious hotel offers the perfect services that satisfy all the guests even the most difficult customer. The hotel has 15 rooms, many of which features wireless internet, non-smoking room, air conditioning,…

With the above suggestions, we hope that you can easily find the most suitable place to stay in Luang Prabang. Find more hotels & resorts as well as travel guides in Laos, please visit our website. Have a nice trip!