Most delicious desserts in Laos tourists should try


You are a gastronomic enthusiast and want to taste many famous snacks in Laos? In this post, we will introduce to you some delicious Lao desserts that you definitely should try while traveling to this country.

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Kanom Krok (coconut cakes)

Kanom Krok is a kind of coconut cake made from sugar, coconut milk, flour and glutinous rice. It is made in an iron pan with half-moon indents over a charcoal brazier. The flour mixture is poured into the rounds and once cooked golden brown, two of them are sandwiched together. The cake is often served in a cup made of banana leaf. The cake’s crust is crisp, the insides moist, silky and melt in your mouth soft.

Kanom Krok or coconut cake in Laos (via xiaoEats)

Lao grilled fish

Grilled fish is a very popular dessert in Laos. There are many kinds of fish for you choose, from small to large size. The fish after that is marinated with salt and baked on charcoal until the meat is soft and buttery. A fish costs about 4 – 6 USD depending on its size.

Lao coffee

Lao coffee has a very distinct and strong flavor. Most of Lao people do not drink black coffee but they often mix coffee with condensed milk or powdered milk to create a special flavor. On the hot days, maybe there is no more than enjoying a cup of Lao coffee. Besides Lao beer, Lao coffee is also a delicious drink you should not miss.

Lao coffee has a very distinct and strong flavor (via betsy’s bites –

Grilled meat

You can easily find countless food stalls selling many kinds of grilled meat on the streets in Laos. The best place to enjoy grilled meat in Laos that have to be mentioned is Luang Prabang. Unlike the other places in Laos, street foods in Luang Prabang are always modified to suit the tourist’s taste. The barbeque stalls at Luang Prabang night market are considered as the stalls serving the best grilled meat in Laos.

Jaew Mak Khua (Grilled eggplant)

Jaew Mak Khua or grilled eggplant is a perfect combination between delicious flavor of eggplant and the spicy taste of chili. This dish is very famous in Laos. Grilled eggplants then are crushed with coriander and other spices by mortar.

Jaew Mak Khua (via Legal Nomads)

Yaw Dip

Yaw Dip refers to rolled dishes in Laos. It is made of raw vegetables like mint, coriander, vermicelli and boiled eggs.

Khao Ji Pate (Pate Bread)

You have tasted bread in all neighboring countries of Laos but you also should not miss to try this dessert in Laos. The bread in here is very simple with the main ingredients including eggs, pate, raw vegetables and mayonnaise, however, its taste is extremely great.

Khao Ji Pate is very simple but  its taste is extremely great (via Naphavong Guest House)

Tam Mak Houng (Spicy papaya salad)

Tam Mak Houng or papaya salad is a popular dish that you should try in Laos. It is made from green papaya, cucumber, lemon juice, chili and fish sauce. You can find many food stalls offering papaya salad at Lao night markets.

Fried banana chips

Bananas are fried until its crust is crispy. You can stand and see the sellers slice banana into thin slices, then drop them to the greasy pan and fry until the banana slices turn golden brown.

Fried banana chips in Laos (via Alica’s Pepperpot)

Sien Savanh (Dried beef)

Dried beef is one of the favorite snacks in Laos. The beef after cut into thin slices will be marinated with black soy sauce, garlic, pepper, palm sugar and white sesame seeds. Then they are dried under the sunshine to create a unique flavor. It is great when enjoying dried beef with beer or sticky rice. The price for dish is only about 10,000 kip.

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