Places to visit in Vientiane


Having said that the main reason makes many visitors want to travel to Vientiane is majestic and unique historical sites. Therefore, a visit to Vientiane will not complete without visiting these destinations.

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Patuxai Victory Monument

Patuxai Victory Monument, formerly known as Anou Savary is located at the end of one of the capital’s grand avenues. Built in 1958, the arch is reminiscent of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, but the exterior and interior are decorated in typical traditional Lao style. Standing on the highest floor of the Patuxai Monument, you can see the panoramic view of Vientiane capital.

Pha That Luang

Pha That Luang

At the end of Lane Xang Road is That Luang – a world cultural heritage and symbol of Laos. That Luang is a Buddhist stupa built in 1566 on the ruins of the old Indian temple. It is known as the most sacred and beautiful monument in Laos. In mid-November every year, That Luang Festival is held in Vientiane, attracts a large locals and tourists come to visit and pay respect to the stupa.

Buddha Park

The Buddha Park in Xieng Khuan is about 25 km from the southeast of Vientiane. There are more than 200 concrete Buddhist and Hindu statues, of which the most famous is a huge 40-metre high reclining Buddha image. There are also many statues of people, gods, animals and demons. You can get there by tuk tuk or bus No. 45 near Talat Sao market. Entrance fee: 5.000 kip/person.

Talat Sao market

Talat Sao Market

Located at the corner between Lane Xang and Khu Vieng Road, this market opens from 7:00 am to 16:00 pm daily. Talat Sao is a popular destination for tourists to visit and shop in Laos. There are many small shops, restaurants, stalls selling fruits, vegetable, jewelry, silk, handicrafts, musical instruments, electronics, etc in the market so you will be easy to find Laos items to bring back as a gift for family.

Wat Phra Keo

Visiting Phra Keo Pagoda, you will feel like you are living in a “art world” with carved wooden features, a magnificent 16th century lacquered door with Hindu carvings, numerous Khmer stone carvings and a variety of Buddha statues. Wat Phra Keo is an important and famous temple in Vientiane just after That Luang.

Wat Sisaket

Wat Sisaket

Situated on Sethathirath Road, near to Lane Xang Avenue, Wat Sisaket still retains the original architecture since it was built in 1818 by King Chao Anou. Wat Sisaket is impressed by the interior walls decorated with more than 2,000 Buddha images made of bronze, wood, ceramic,… The total number of Buddha statues in the pagoda is up to 6,840.

Wat Ong Teu

Also located on Setthathilath Road, Wat Ong Theu is attracted by the largest bronze Buddha statue in Vientiane. Its name Wat Ong Theu means Temple of the Big Statue. There is a Sangha Buddhist School in the temple where the Laos monks often come to learn about Buddhism.

Wat Si Muang

Wat Si Muang

There are many legends related to this temple, Si Muang is the name of a pregnant woman in 300 years ago. The Si Muang temple was built by Lao people to worship her. Wat Si Muang attracts crowds of local Buddhists who want to benefit from its ‘good luck’ powers. It is commonly thought that if you pray for something here and simultaneously make a promise, your wish will be granted, providing you return and fulfil your promise.

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