Popular traditional dishes on New Year Festival of Laotian


Lao New Year, also known as Bun Pi Mai is one of the most important traditional festivals of Laotian. The festival takes place from April 13 to 16 each year.

Bun Pi May has a meaning of bringing coolness, prosperity for all things and purifying human life. On these days, people often splash water each other to pray for good weather and a happy new year, visit temples and enjoy traditional food. In this post, we would like to introduce you some popular food for New Year Festival in Laos.

>>Most delicious desserts in Laos tourists should try

Tam Maak Hung

Tam Maak Hung (via Wikipedia)

Tam Maak Hung is one of the most famous specialties in Laos which features typical flavors of Lao cuisine. The main ingredients of this dish include pickles, green papaya, parsley mixed with dozens of spices to give tourists the best dish that could not be found at nowhere else.

Sticky rice

If you have chance to visit this country, do not forget to try sticky rice – a traditional food of Laos. Sticky rice and water will be put into a bamboo pipe and then burned in charcoal or wood stove until the rice is well cooked. Or another way to cook the dish is by bamboo basket. Rice is also put in the basket and then place it on top of boiling pot without letting the bamboo basket touch the water in order to cook the sticky rice by steaming method.


Larb of Laotian (via Laos Hotels)

Larb is one of the traditional dishes of Laos and especially in the festivals, with the meaning of bringing luck, prosperity in the new year. The main ingredient can be minced beef, deer, or pork meat, marinated with Lao spices. Larb can be eaten with sticky rice or Khao Lam Rice.

Not too sophisticated in processing, the dish still has a very specific flavor. It not only is a dish but also expresses a unique culinary art of Lao people which passed down from generation to generation.

Grilled dishes

Laotians especially like to eat grilled dishes, from meat, fish, vegetables to rice. There are many ways to grill food but Lao people like to put food into bamboo pipe and baked them in charcoal to create a unique flavor of the dish.

Insect dishes

Insect dishes (via Asia Backpackers)

Like Cambodian and Thailand, the insect dishes are also the favorite food of Laotians. The insect dishes are very rich in protein and tasty, from crickets, ants to spiders,…

Some dining sites tourists can visit in Laos

Kualao Restaurant

Address: 141 Samsenthai Road, Vientine, Laos

Kualao is a deluxe restaurant located in the center Vientiane, specializing in serving high-end traditional dishes of Laotian. Delicious food, enthusiastic staff, romantic dining space are the reasons that make Kualao into an ideal place for gathering and dining of tourists.

Kualao Restaurant (via Twitter)

Lao KhopChaiDeu Restaurant

Address: 54 Sethathirat Rd, Nam Phou, Vientiane, Laos.

KhopChaiDeu is a 3-floor restaurant; the first floor is the bar and the beer room while the second floor serves food. The menu is quite varied with about 20 dishes including both local, Chinese, Japanese and Western dishes and desserts, however, the most famous dishes of the restaurant still are traditional Lao food such as larb, sticky rice, grilled meat and insect dishes.

Tamnak Lao Restaurant

Address: Sakhalin Rd, Ban Wat Sene, Luang Prabang

Tamnak Lao Restaurant is restaurant specializing in serving traditional Lao food at the affordable cost. Tamnak restaurant also offers cooking classes for those who want to learn about Lao cuisine. Let’s go to the restaurant to enjoy and learn more about delicious dishes of Lao cuisine.

Tamnak Lao Restaurant (via blogger)

Lao – Paris Restaurant

Address: Thanon Si Muong, Savanakhet, Laos

Lao – Paris Restaurant is one of the favorite dining spots of many tourists in Laos because of affordable price along with delicious dishes from France, Italy, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. Some famous dishes of this restaurant you must try are Korean beef, grilled pork, fried fish, Lao coffee, spaghetti,…

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