Tips for traveling Vang Vieng – a peaceful town of Laos


Vang Vieng is one of the best places to visit in Laos for those who love nature and sport activities. Featuring fresh air, cool weather and full of exciting things to do such as mountain climbing, kayaking, cruising,… this beautiful town is an ideal budget destination of many tourists especially backpackers. If you are planning to visit Vang Vieng, here are some useful travel tips for you.

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Vang Vieng overview

With convenient location, Vang Vieng town is known as a peaceful countryside of Laos beside Nam Song River. It is a marvelous untouched town with the green of trees and the river flowing all year round through the limestone ranges. Coming here, visitors will have chance to participate in many attractive water sports such as slide gutters, bungee jumping, kayaking, trekking, etc.

Nam Song River is the main attraction in Vang Vieng (via Laos Tours)

The Nam Song River flowing along Vang Vieng is the main tourist destination of this town. On the other side of the bridge is Banana Bungalows where offers the best site for bathing on the river. You also come here to see the sunset and take pictures.

Vang Vieng is not only features a lot of interesting water activities but also many beautiful caves, for example, Tham Jang cave. Only 2km from the town center, travelers can rent bicycles or take tuk tuk to get the cave. With the entrance fee of 10,000 kip, visitors will be free to discover this cave.

Traveling Vang  Vieng, tourists also do not forget to visit Vang Vieng market where is the best place to learn more about Lao culture as well as buy the souvenirs or enjoy Laos cuisine. One of the most famous drink you must try in here is Lao glutinous rice wine which is cooked based on an “esoteric recipe” of Laotian. Vang Vieng market also sells bat, squirrel, monkey meat,… If you have plenty of time, you can take a trip to exploring the jungle, visiting ethnic villages, ancient temples or staying in a local’s house to understand more the culture and life of people in here.

Best time to visit and how to get there

Best time to visit Vang Vieng is in the rainy season (via StudentUniverse)

The best time to visit Vang Vieng is in the rainy season, from June to October when you can admire the beautiful fields surrounded by mountains and clouds. You also can explore more waterfalls if you travel in this season.

Vang Vieng is located on Highway 13 between Vientiane and Luang Prabang. Getting there by bus from Luang Prabang will take about 6-8 hours whereas it takes only 1 hour if you departure from Vientiane. The buses often depart in the morning and early afternoon, the last one is on 3pm, costing about 30,000kip. You can buy tickets at your hotel.

Stay in Vang Vieng

Sunset in Vang Vieng (via Lonely Planet)

Vieng Tara Resort is considered the most beautiful resort in Vang Vieng. This resort is separated from the town by Nam Song River where a small branch of the river crossed the welcome gate. The resort offers a quiet space and short-distance to get the famous caves and waterfalls in Vang Vieng.

Riverside River Bungalows is the next accommodation we want to suggest to you which offers an amazing river view. The advantage of the hotel is located near the bridge – the best place to see the sunset in Vang Vieng. It also features a very cute restaurant, if you do not stay in here, you still can go there to have breakfast or drink coffee.


Dining at Vieng Tara Villas (via Trip101)

There is a very famous barbecue restaurant in Vang Vieng. Vang Vieng town is so small so just walking around, you can find this. You can eat grilled fish, pork or roasted chicken in here. For more comfortable, you also can buy food and bring back your hotel to enjoy. One more the best place for dining is Vieng Tara Villas which offers the delicious food and great view. You also can go to Vang Vieng market to enjoy traditional and exotic dishes in this town.

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