Vang Vieng and all things you need to know


If you want to find a place offering you both romantic, peaceful scenery and exciting outdoor activities, Vang Vieng is exactly what you are looking for. About 150 km from Vientiane, Vang Vieng is a very small town surrounded by mountains, forests and river. Although it is a small village, this charming town still attracts a large number of tourists, especially backpackers coming to visit each year. You are planning to visit Laos, in particularly Vang Vieng, our guides below may help you.

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Some facts about Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng (via Laos Tourism)
  • Vang Vieng is very small compared to other towns in Laos; there are no modern resorts, famous architectural works in here, however, the peaceful life, friendly people and interesting outdoor games are reasons attracting visitors. The number of tourists traveling to this town per year exceeds many times over the locals.
  • Most of the shops, restaurants and hotels in Vang Vieng are located near the Nam Song River, a few of which are located on the small island of Don Kang.
  • If you would like to enjoy an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, then going to Vang Vieng where has only you and beautiful nature. You can discover this town by take a cycling tour, air balloon or kayak on the Nam Song River.

Experiences tourists must try

Hot air balloon in Vang Vieng (via Laos tours)

Kayaking: Go kayak on the Nam Song River is a best way to capture all the majestic scenery of Vang Vieng. You can book this tour at VLT Natural Tours or Kanhya Tour, two of the most well-known travel agencies in Vang Vieng provide kayaking tour as well as experienced guides to ensure that you will have the greatest tour.

Cycling around Vang Vieng: For those who want to be pretty hard work and can stop at anywhere to see or take photos, Vang Vieng with its trails around the town or the rugged mountain road is perfect choice for a day of biking. You can rent a bicycle at your hotel or bicycle rental shops.

Riding ATVs: Another way to explore this town which is a little bit challenge and special suitable for those who love to drive and speed is riding ATV. Remember to bring sunglasses and a bandana for the dusty dirt roads and cruise around in style.

Climbing: Vang Vieng is one of the best places for climbing mountain in South East with many beautiful caves and limestone cliffs.

Discovering by air balloon: Watching Vang Vieng from above is an amazing experience that any tourist traveling to Laos should try at least once in life. You will surely be overwhelmed with majestic mountains and stunning landscape of this town.

Where to stay

Maylay Guesthouse (via

Vang Vieng Central Park Hotel: Located right in the heart of Vang Vieng, this is a 3-star hotel offering modern, clean accommodations. The rooms are nicely decorated and fully equipped to bring guests the most comfortable stay during your trip in Vang Vieng.

Maylay Guesthouse: is a 2-star hotel featuring accommodations at a reasonable price. All rooms at the guesthouse are spacious and have large windows to see the beautiful view from outside.

Phoom Chai Guesthouse: With room rates of $ 15 per night, this is the cheapest hostel in Vang Vieng. The room is quite clean and comfortable.

Champa Lao The Villa: Another cheap hostel in Vang Vieng located near the Nam Song River offering double rooms, single rooms or cottages for groups of more than 5 guests.

Addresses for dining in Vang Vieng

Amigo’s Vang Vieng (via Culture Trip)

Italian restaurant IL Tavolo Pizza: There are some Italian restaurants in Vang Vieng, but IL Tavolo is the best, famous for its delicious Italian Pizza, spaghetti, pasta or Italian desserts like lemoncello.

Tifalcony Bar: This is a great place for those who want to gather friends or simply enjoy the famous Laos beer and delicious cocktails.

Amigo’s Vang Vieng: The restaurant serves delicious Mexican dishes at the reasonable price. This small restaurant is always crowded and not only serves Mexican food but also vegetarian and vegan food.

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